Condotel vs Hotel Room

What is Condotel?

IMO the best definition can be found in this Wikipedia article.

Why would you rent a condo from us instead of getting a room directly from the hotel?

Here are a few considerations –

Condotel Pros

  • When you’re traveling as a group, arranging adjacent rooms in a hotel can be a challenge. Condotel offerings, such as ours, simplify this process. For example, our facilities are perfect for two families who would like to share a kitchen and/or a dining room or a family with grown kid(s) who would like to have their privacy in a private bedroom.
  • Usually, in a condotel you’re getting a complete kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave, stove, oven, as well as dishes and utensils. Likewise, we provide either a fully equipped kitchen or a kitchenette with all our rentals.
  • Most condotels give you the ability to use washer and dryer. We definitely do it for most of our offerings.
  • Almost always there is website with plenty of high-res pics, such as ours, so you will know exactly what your rooms will look like, what will be your window view and what you will and will not see from your balcony.
  • Depending on the availability, there can be a certain flexibility in arranging the arrival and departure times. If you need that flexibility, talk to our friendly broker.

Condotel Cons

  • There is no daily room cleaning.
  • Breakfast is not included.
  • Some landlords might not take some forms of payments. For example, we don’t take PayPal or credit cards.


  • The renters will be able to use the same hotel amenities just like all other hotel guests.